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Thursday, January 27, 2005

thought on search the search?

2005-Jan-27 02:59

The basic thing to do is to separate search engine result page from other pages. If users is searching for a topic chances are they have look for it in search engine before. It is distracting to see a lot of google result pages among the result.

More than this is to tackle some frustrations a search often encounter:

* beating around the bush, keep search the same item and revisiting same result. Can it help to point out dead end earlier?

* How do I get here? You're looking at a promising result. If it can backtrack to the search result page (or some other directory page) it may lead to more useful lead.

Would a software helps in these cases? How to present an intuitive and non-intrusive UI? That's something to experiment with in the next few months.


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