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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Google v.s. bookmark?

While we are working hard on MindRetrieve to improve bookmarking, some people argue that the entire idea of bookmarking is outdated. Instead of bookmark, we just google. Indeed Google gives such excellent experience that people expect the right answer instantaneously. More easy than you would looking things up from the bookmark menu.

While this is true for some obvious sites, perhaps for 'dell' or 'walmart', it ain't necessary useful for everything you'd ever interested. How many times have you flip through pages of marginally useful search result until you finally found the one that gives what you need? (assuming, of course, you an advance searcher who actually go beyond the first page). You will not want to repeat this search. And if you do, you won't necessary found the same item. How about a page that is not a direct search result but is one click, or two clicks away? Let's say from Google you found a passionated travelogue about an Italy trip. From there you found more links about some hotel recommendation that you really want. Google is a good starting point. But you have also make additional effort to arrive in what you needed.

When you search and evaluate the result, you are actually creating something of value. If you put together the link of the travelogue, a guide on how to use the Italy train system and the two cute hotel you have seen, you will in effect created some kind of travel guide, even if you have not authored any of them. Personal web is a way for you to capture the creation.


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