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Friday, November 04, 2005

Progress on categorization

I have make a lot of progress designing the categorization for the tags. Once things are ready I plan to put an online version for people to get a feel.

This time I want to show the visualization of the category tree. The most common way to show it is the explorer style tree view. With tree view you can represent categories any level deep. User can navigate by expanding and collapsing the branches. I find the expanding and collapsing fairly cumbersome. So I put a twist to that idea by expanding all categories by default. I use different font size and color to represent different level of categories. It works quite well that all items are presented on a single webpage and you can do an incremental search (with Opera or Firefox) without going to the web server again.

Right now it can show reasonable well up to three levels. While I don't have categorization any deeper I would like to find solutions for deeper categorizations. Either a specific way to represent fourth or fifth level items or a scheme that can work at arbitrary level deep.


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