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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Text v.s. multimedia?

The heat is on once again in the advent of internet technologies. The word is that we will move beyond text based communication to audios and videos, from text blogging to audio podcasting to video blogging, from SMS evolves MMS, from search for text to search for audios and videos, etc. The humble text is only the first step in technology development. Eventually technologies would be advanced enough to enable the full glory of multimedia.

I feel rather lukewarm for this. I often past up the news video for text article as I grow impatient with video's pace. With text I can scan back and fro much more easily. User generated content? That reminds me of those home videos, where the camera never stop panning left and right. And when the subject talks, he is actually off-screen ;)

Multimedia was the buzz world of last generation. With the enabling technology CD-ROM become popular, people envision our PC would be filled with sight and sound. While we now see lot more graphics on our PC than the early days, enough to say the focus is still on text, whether we are using email or the web. Anyway none of the multimedia companies has become Google.

I think people consider who video and audio are more advance than text are only looking at it from computer engineering's perspective. This really does not do justice to text. From a different perspective I would say audio and video more primitive because they are base on our biological sensory perception. Whether as text is truly the great innovation than revolutionized communication.


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