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Monday, March 28, 2005

Help make the mac version happens!

My mac mini has finally arrived :-) I have gotten myself oriented. Fooled around and eventually found out how to launch the terminal. Then got some taste of downloading mac applications. Now I am ready to port MindRetrieve to Mac!

I am still totally new to Mac application development. Would you like to contribute development effort to make this happen? Or point me to literatures I should know about? In particular I like to know how an application is supposed to be packaged (it is written in Python). Also how to setup a daemon application on Mac (auto startup when the system starts, stop when the system shutdown).

Email me at tungwaiyip at users.berlios.de. Thanks a bunch!

Lightning talks in PyCon

I have made one of the first public demo of MindRerieve at PyCon [http://www.pycon.org/dc2005/]. This informal 5 minutes demo got some friendly reception.

PyCon was a great gathering for Python developers. Read more about my experience at my blog [http://tungwaiyip.info/blog/2005/03/25/].

Friday, March 04, 2005

browser statistics

Below is some statistics of what people use to visit the MindRetrieve home page from a snapshot of server log. Everyone seems to be using updated version of browser. Firefox is used by more than half of the visitors. Note that at present MindRetrieve has only released to a very small circle. Visitors are likely to be Java programmers are those who know something about Lucene.

Breakdown by browser

Mozilla 72 (all seems to be recent Gecko or Firefox)
Win 60
Linux 11
mac 1

Mozilla 4.0 5

IE 38
5.0 2
5.2 mac 1
6.0 35

Opera 8

Safari 7

Konqueror 2

OmniWeb 1


Breakdown by OS

Win 105 (all win NT except a few win 98)
Linux 13
Mac 10
Unknown 5


Thursday, March 03, 2005

organizing bookmarks thoughts

First we deride the folder based hierarchical taxonomy as too strict and unrealistic data organization. Then we have the liberal tags based deli.cio.us style organizing.

Thinking more, we have another familiar way of organization, that is the hyperlinked web. The web may be a superior mean than the above two methods.

But then it is easy to get lost just wandering in the web. There is where the hierarchical map comes in. It gives you a starting point and known paths to the destinations....