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Monday, August 15, 2005

When will MindRetrieve move out of alpha?

If Google introduce the notion of putting out software in perpetual beta state, MindRetrieve maybe push this further for being in perpetual alpha state. This wasn't a statement that the quality of software is subpar or buggy. Since MindRetrieve sit between me and the world wide web every day, I would be the first one to be upset if my web experience suffer in any way. It is in alpha because I see this as a research project. The idea of personal web and ways to organize it is fairly novel. I enjoy toying it in this project.

That say, once the web library feature is complete I feel it would reach a certain mile stone. By then MindRetrieve should be mature enough to be in beta.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Here is an interesting guideline from wikipedia on categorization.


Notice categories do not form a tree but a more general directed acyclic graph.

Status update

Development has been slow since I came back from PyCon. During that time I have moved to a new day job. While I am very glad to shave a large part off my monstrous two-hour one way commute, the unintented consequence is I also lost a lot of development time I had on the commuter train. You never how productive a long train commute can be.

In anycase now I have craved out a new time to move things forward, often during marginal hours at coffee shops. A lot of good things in managing personal web library are coming out already.

Also looking at SVN I notice I have spent weeks hacking perhaps no more than a thousand line of code over and over again. Despite the code size some very interesting functionarity has slowly come into shape. It must some unimpressive if you measure productivity by number of lines of code written. But I find this a very interesting experience as I have high regard of simplicity.